9 Things You Should Know Before Installing a Skylight

9 Things You Should Know Before Installing a Skylight

Ensuring that you pick the right skylight for your home is among the most important aspects about daylighting. Pick correctly and you can be assured that you will see that all daylighting benefits are significantly greater.

Many homeowners make a mistake of installing daylighting systems that simply do not match their needs. This results in productivity and energy usage that is not as great as it could have been. In this article, we take a look at the 9 factors you need to consider before you install a skylight in your home. Continue reading to learn more.


1. Don’t Compromise on Quality

Important considerations when it comes to a skylight include things like sound reduction, water tightness, and energy efficiency, among other factors. There is a need to explore additional options like UV coatings, ventilation and shading. Additionally, most manufacturers today offer high-end products that are made using sustainable materials so as to protect our environment. Skylight installation is quite a serious undertaking, which is why you need to ensure that you will be happy with your decision for a very long time.


2. Choose the Right Placement

What determines skylight placement is your home’s rafter placement. Ensure that you plan well and have a blueprint or space plane handy prior to starting to cut out the roof’s sections.

6-28 Skylight

3. Beware of Bad Weather

Bad weather and rain can seriously derail your project and sometimes even make it difficult to continue if moisture gets in halfway through the installation process.


4. There is a Real Danger of Falling, So Watch Out

Make sure that you are using the ladder of the correct height and type, and that you have put on footwear with the right traction. You may need to use roof jacks for supporting a 2” by 12” board to provide support while you work. If you do so, make sure to secure roof jacks with nails and also ensure that all nails are properly driven into the roof joists rather than only through the sheathing.


5. Know the Slope Before Buying Flashing

Many flashing kits are available, which cater to specific types of pitches. Make sure you have the right kind of information so as to make the best decision.


6. Begin From the Inside

After removing the interior sheathing, have four nails or screws driven into the corners of the box outline that you have marked for the skylight. This way it will be easier for you to locate the opening of the skylight from the roof.

6-28 Skylight3

7. Remove the Shingles Prior to Starting

Have the full sheet of shingles removed from your roof until such a time that the marked opening is exposed.


8. Waterproof the Flashing

The waterproof flashing joins the flashing that comes with the kit and is a great way of diverting ice and water flow from your opening.


9. Take Time to Add Extra Insulation and Dry Wall

Be ready to apply some insulation and dry wall to reduce condensation and to ensure that the light you allow does not expose less than perfect ceiling space.


Skylight installation is a large undertaking. For this reason, you need to be sure that what you are installing today will serve the intended purposes for a long time to come. The above are factors to consider before you install a skylight.


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