Do You Have Soffit on Your Roof?

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Do You Have Soffit on Your Roof?

Soffits are one of those pieces of the house that are rarely seen or noticed. However, they serve a very important function. They protect crucial features of that a house cannot do without in most cases. Soffit refers to those bottoms of the eave where a house roof extends over the sidewalls of the house. There are various types of soffit both in design and material. It is therefore important to know the differences if you are building or designing a house. Most people cannot tell whether they have soffit or not.

Benefits of soffit

Soffit is used to connect the roof overhang and the side of the house. It protects the support beams making up the structure of the house roof from various elements, and also restricts the amounts of dampness entering the house. In addition, it is used for aesthetic purpose, adding a touch of elegance around the perimeter of the house’s roof.

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Types of soffit

There are many different types of soffits just as there are numerous building styles. Here are some of the main types of soffit. Soffit can be classified according to the materials used to make them. Soffit materials might be metal, wood, vinyl, or fiberboard. However, the most common materials used are wood, aluminum and vinyl.

  1. Wood is beautiful and less expensive compared to other materials. There are various types of wood you can choose, but you need to know the benefits and shortcomings before installing. Pros – less expensive, looks natural, and adds tremendous warmth. Cons – be prepared to replace the soffit over time.
  2.  Vinyl is the other type of material that is mainly used. In fact, you can reface your wood soffit with vinyl panels that match the theme of the house. The vinyl attaches itself directly over the existing wood. However, it does not significantly add to the cost of the project. Pros – affordable, available in different textures, water resistant and easy to clean. Cons – affected by heat, and some people feel it is a cheaper looking product.
  3. Aluminum is good because it does not rot or decay like wood. It is waterproof and looks amazing. If you hire an experienced installer, he can bend the aluminum to wrap the existing fascia. Once installed, it will look good for decades. Most homeowners prefer aluminum over vinyl because it captures the fascia very well. Pros – easy to clean, durable, and water resistant. Cons – expensive, can dent if forced is applied, and does not insulate as well as vinyl.

Other materials used

People who go for soffit in materials other than wood, aluminum or vinyl make their decisions based on various reasons. Steel is much more durable than other alternatives, including aluminum. Some people also prefer steel soffit because it comes in a variety of colors. However, steel will run about 25-35% higher in cost than the famous aluminum, but can be a great option for your soffit.

Fiber cement is also used, but it is less common and among the expensive options in soffit, but there are people who prefer it. Normally, most soffit is made of wood. However, with different new materials, soffit is now available in numerous modern designs.

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