The History Of Edmonton Alberta

Edmonton, which is in the province of Alberta is probably one of the most impressive and beautiful cities in Canada. What many people don’t know about Edmonton is that it is a city deep in culture and history the city has also been nicknamed as the city of festivals due to the all year festivals that happen there. So what is the history of this beautiful city?

The City of Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. It is located in the center of Alberta which makes it a good place for it to the capital. Just like most cities in the world, Edmonton was inhabited by indigenous tribes who are said to have been there as early as 10000 B.C. Edmonton was said to have first been discovered in 1754 by an explorer named Anthony Henday, Henday was also a fur trader. However the town was not established till later in 1795 when fort Edmonton was founded around Fort Saskatchewan. The town became a trading post along the North Saskatchewan River.

fort edmonton

Two settlers came up with the name Edmonton; they named it after their hometown Edmonton, which was town in north London. Due to its position and fertility, Edmonton became a fast growing town in Alberta. The availability of fur and agricultural products made trader flock into Edmonton and within time, the fort grew into a trade town and later into a city. In late 19th century the settlement started to grow outside the fort and this was what made it into a town. The settlers lived along the river in log cabins and soon enough, the town of Edmonton was established in 1894.

In the year 1904 Edmonton became the capital city of Alberta. But why did this small town become the capital of Alberta? The reason is because of its geological position.  Edmonton is in central Alberta and thus this made it very convenient for all people of Alberta to access it easily for trade and other reasons such as the Fort. It was also easily accessible because of the river, it had only 5000 settlers at that time but after the town becoming a capital city, it saw a massive increase in population, and the number rose from 5000 settlers to up to 14000 settlers in just two years. The increase in population may have been caused by the founding of the University of Edmonton in 1906.  The 20th century was very good for the town of Edmonton and it saw the city take a step to become a metropolitan it is now.

Edmonton’s economy started to build up as the population was pouring in and we all know that where there’s a large population, a real estate boom is likely to occur. The boom created new opportunities for the people, employment chances into the formal sector now became a common thing. But the glory was short-lived as the population levels decreased in 1914 prior to the world war. Many of the people in the city volunteered in the world war and this was one of the major causes in the population drop.

After the First World War, population grew again and things seemed to be back to normal till the Second World War hit again, just like in the First World War, population decreased rapidly causing businesses to close, this affected the city’s economy in a very negative way.

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One major discovery that pushed the city of Edmonton onto greater heights was the oil bloom. In 1947, oil was discovered south of Edmonton, although the oil field reserves had been known to exist since the year 1914, they had very little oil compared to other parts and thus they were not taken seriously. Most of Alberta’s oil was found in the north and central of the province and thus Edmonton adequate position made it the oil capital of the country. It is during this year that Edmonton became home to Canada’s oil industry.

With time Edmonton established itself as one of the greatest cities of Canada. The city has grown from a small settlement to a town. The journey to it becoming a city has not been an easy one as seen above. Today, the population of Edmonton has grown to over 877,000.

Edmonton continues to grow each day, in terms of people and culture. It is unique and has a lot to offer. Most visitors can attest to that fact. In addition, the information above offers good insight on Edmonton.