Foam Insulation Sales Shoot Up Among Increased Home Improvement Projects

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Foam Insulation Sales Shoot Up Among Increased Home Improvement Projects


There is no doubt that the use of spray polyurethane foam (SPF) has increased over the years in North America and more so in Canada. This widespread use is growing thanks to the many home improvement projects that homeowners are undertaking. Many have found the benefits of SPF very helpful, resulting in more use. Data by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) reveals that Canada has greatly embraced the use of SPF as the use is growing ever so high. The figures are more than a decade in the making and below is a look at some of the to applications for SPF in the Canadian market. In addition, this article delves into the merits that have been brought by foam insulation.

Where is spray polyurethane foam (SPF) being used?

The use of SPF is very common in unvented attics. HVAC equipment can be placed in the attic for optimal efficiency. For this reason, many home improvement projects are using SPF. According to the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association, SPF can reduce heating and air condition size. The HVAC sizing can be up to 35%, and this will not affect efficiency and comfort. Unvented attics are some of the main drivers of SPF use in the industry. This application is saving many people a lot of money in the process.

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Some home improvement projects have seen the use of SPF for roofing as well. In addition to superior insulation and lowered cost, using this material for roofing comes with many other merits. However, it is worth noting that SPF as a roofing agent is only starting to get recognition as more homeowners discover the merits therein. Below is a look at more reasons why SPF sales are growing when it comes to home improvement projects.

SPF is an excellent agent for reducing drafts and noise in the home. As an effective air barrier, it will prevent draft from doors, windows and floors; for a more comfortable home interior. Because it is able to seal even the smallest gaps, people can look forward to eradicating the entry of insects and pests in the home. This goes a long way in boosting a healthy environment for your family. Stability is another factor that stands out when it comes to SPF. Structural decomposition does not happen, ensuring a firmer surface in the home. Homeowners see this insulation material lasting even longer, to their delight.

SPF mainly comes in two formats which are open-cell and closed-cell foams. The closed-cell is sturdier and rigid, and it works very well when used on the pitched part of the roof. Both formats can be applied in all home improvement projects accordingly. Both formats are being used more and more in the industry. More than 90 million pounds of SPF have been used for roofing and insulation in Canada. Statistics from the Spray Foam Coalition (SFC) and Centre for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) continue to show that SPF consumption will continue on an upward trend in Canada. If this data is anything to go by, spray foam insulation sales might go even higher.


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