Game Changing Advances in Asphalt Roofing Technology

Game Changing Advances in Asphalt Roofing Technology

When we think about advances in technology, we don’t often think of the significant advances in asphalt roofing technology. However, asphalt roofing has gone through many years of significant technological advances, modifications, and additions. Ever since its inception in 1893, there have been extraordinary advances, and the recent technology is worth taking a look at. Asphalt roofing has evolved to become energy efficient, durable, and sustainable. In this article, we focus on the best advancements in asphalt roofing.

Fiberglass Reinforcement Material

Throughout the century of asphalt roofing, cotton rags that included wood pulp and paper were used as the reinforcement material. With modern advancements in design and technology, fiberglass is now being used as the reinforcement material. Fiberglass asphalt roofs are thinner, lighter, and come with a higher fire safety rating. Fiberglass also absorbs less moisture, curls effectively, and is heat resistant which makes it an excellent choice for warm climates. These improvements mean that asphalt roofing now has a longer lifespan and comes with an extended warranty.

UV Protection

UV radiation causes skin damage, certain types of cataracts, and many other skin issues. This makes it crucial to protect you and your family from the harmful UV exposure. Through the deep commitment to customer safety and satisfaction, asphalt roofing technology has moved to safeguard the needs of the homeowner. The modern asphalt roofs are designed to protect the surface from UV light and other chemical damage. The 100% UV protection guarantees maximum functionality and safety.

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Added Layers

Asphalt shingles improved from having single layers to now having two or more tabs. This has brought about a great improvement in performance and asphalt roofing can be relied on to deliver longevity. The multi-layered shingles are heavier, more affordable and add a unique touch and visual appeal to your home. As long as your home can handle the additional weight, the extra layers will offer lots of protection and beauty to your home.


Asphalt shingles are known to provide homes with a more stunning and customized appearance due to the many colors they come in. Asphalt roofing comes in different color choices, and can range from pale gray, red, shades of green, and many other colors. However, due to conditions, asphalt shingles were known to lose their color during the past years. With new technology and addition of special pigments, asphalt shingles no longer lose their color. When correctly installed, you will enjoy the brilliant color options for many years.

Wind Resistance

No roof covering offers better protection from the wind than the modern asphalt roofing technology. Between 1990 and 2000, great improvements were made. The asphalt sealant is now being placed closer to the edges. This is because the edges are more susceptible to roof damage making it crucial to secure the framing. With these advances, there will be fewer bad reports after a night of severe winds.

Laminating Adhesives

During the past years, the oxidized sealant slid away when not properly tied. There have now been changes from the oxidized sealant to a polymer modified version. This is great relief especially to the homeowners in warmer climates.

As asphalt roofing technology continues to advance, you can count on a professional roofing contractor to give your home the best asphalt roofing. Get in touch with Ardent Roof Systems to discuss your needs today!


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