How To Properly Clean Your Roof

Roof cleaning issues are something that every property manager or house owner has to face at regular intervals. Even though the problem might not sound too difficult to solve initially, cleaning the top of the house does come with its own set of complications and dilemmas. From choosing the appropriate cleaning method to applying the right cleaner, there seems to be a lot of choices that are to be made in the cleaning process. The reason why roofs have to be cleaned frequently is because dirt, debris, and other waste material significantly reduce the home’s appeal.

Some common causes of stains and unsightly appearance are mold, mildew, Gloeocapsa, roof moss, and other airborne algae. Seasonal cleaning might have to be carried out due to accumulation of fallen leaves, snowfall, etc.

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How can roofs be cleaned?

Most popular cleaning methods involve use of chemical solutions composed on chlorine bleach or Sodium hydroxide. Pressure cleaning is also used in case cases where there is less amount of dirt or other waste accumulation. Even though these methods are thorough, you’ll need to repeat the processes every 6-8 months to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the rooftop of your house. Depending upon the type of roof, be it cedar shake, asphalt shingle, or simply tile roofs, you will need to carry out regular cleaning by yourself or through any recognized cleaning service company.

What are the consequence of not cleaning roofs?

  1. Asphalt roofs: This is the kid of material that degrades more rapidly than others. When fungus starts to develop under shingles, overtime accumulation leads to crack of the material that leads to this part eventually falling off. The reflective granules are also affected as the roots of the fungi dig through those parts, thus reducing the life expectancy of the roof tops.
  2. Tile roofs: Common used because of its strength and resilience, even tiles may fall victim of negligence if proper care is not taken while cleaning. After being exposed to the scorching sun for years, tiles become fragile in nature and can easily break if not handled with care. Rain makes their condition even worse as consistently breaking down tile structure in its molecular level.
  3. Cedar roofs: When this type of roof is covered by fungus, moisture gets trapped in the wood and the cedar itself loses its property of remaining dry. Moisture leads to development of rotting as it invites variety of harmful insects that feed on wood.

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Methods Of Cleaning Roofs

It makes sense to regularly clean roof moss and fungi because in this way you’ll be able to avoid excessive expenditure that comes with replacing tiles or refurbishment of roofs. The common and economical way to clean to clear out roof moss is by gently pressure washing the affected parts and letting it dry under the sunlight, which is most of the time all that is needed to act as a fungicide. Or else you have to apply some bio-degradable fungicide to kill last of the remaining spores that may have survived the pressure washing process.

Eliminating roof moss should not be seen as a cosmetic makeover and should not be attempted unless you’re absolutely sure about your ability to treat it. The ideal fungicide solution that you can prepare at home is by using water dissolved with ferrous oxide in a 1:5 ratio, where 1 ounce of ferrous oxide to 1 pint of regular water. You may also choose to hire a cleaning company if cleaning roofs is not the kind of thing you are sure about doing.

There’s no such thing as long term solutions.

No matter what you do, there is bound to be degradation of the roof material as eliminating roof waste is just a way to ensure that the roofs lasts as long as possible. The natural forces that cause degradation are rain, sun, cold, and wind, all of which are unavoidable. A proper preventative plan will help to greatly reduce the need for extensive cleaning and damage that is caused over time.

Even if you’ve applied quality algaecides, their average life expectancy is no longer than 6-12 months; after that you’ll have to reapply all over again. So, keep an eye on the condition of the roof of your home to make it last for a long time.

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