Some Important Tips To Keep Your Roof In Tiptop Shape

Some Important Tips To Keep Your Roof In Tiptop Shape

For homeowners, the phrase a stitch in time saves nine is a practical one because failure to sort out minor issues such as cracks on the wall lead to huge responsibilities like the need of a new wall. This goes for the roof too. You are not comfortable until the roof over your head is in a good condition.

Roof maintenance is a simple process that involves taking control of situations before they build up to worse outcomes. It requires application of simple knowledge and no zero-sum thinking in any way. Zero sum thinking is an ingredient for disaster. Thinking that you can cut on costs and avoid spending and still end up with a good roof is wrong; get good resources, materials from suppliers and competent contractors to work on your roof during constructions so as to have a strong roof.


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A good roof:

  • Ensures the safety of you and your family
  • Keeps the inside of your house dry
  • Deters theft

In addition to setting up a stronger roof, here are some tips to follow so as to ensure your roof is in perfect shape always:

  1. Call in a roofer in case of leaks to fix it immediately. Always ensure that you choose the best roofer who will completely sort out the issue. Consider recommendations from your neighbors and friends when looking for the roofer.
  2. Choose roofing materials wisely. Go with the ones that are suitable for the climatic conditions of your area. Certain materials, e.g. clay, do well only in cool dry conditions.
  3. Get ice off the roof during winter. Ice build-up leads to leakages and warping. This occurs when the snow melts and enters the interior lining of the roofs and then freezes in there for a long time, corroding materials slowly.
  4. Verify the contractor’s past jobs before hiring them. Review their past work. Visit the homes they worked on.
  5. When you climb onto the roof make sure you have the appropriate footwear on. A rubber-soled boot is the best. It applies less pressure on the roof and therefore chances of damage are minimal. Avoid stepping on any weak spots. You can step where the nails went through, as this is slightly stronger and may not cave in easily. Additionally, the rubbers have a better grip, which means you are safer.
  6. Install gutters and maintain them properly so as to funnel rainwater off the roof. If water is left on the roof, it can cause leaks. That is why it is also essential to ensure the gutter is not clogged. Gutters are very important, and building officials in Canada are recognizing it. Municipalities across the country have made this a necessary requirement on all new residential being constructed.
  7. Secure loose shingles well. You can use the plastic roofing cement; carefully apply it under the shingle.

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In addition to the above DIY techniques, it is important to ensure you have a functional warranty and make best use of it. Call in contractors to fix problems before they worsen.

Lastly, the following safety measures are important:

  • Never repair your roof during rains. The roof becomes slippery and may result in accidents. Leave it until it dries up.
  • Check if your contractor’s workmen have insurance so that in case of accidents they are taken care of.

The bottom line, taking control of situations and maintaining them properly help prevent damages and unnecessary repair costs. Take the initiative.

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