Why Ventilation in Your Attic is So Important in the Summer

Why Ventilation in Your Attic is So Important in the Summer

If you recall, one of the very first things you will learn in your science class is that heat rises. However, your home is very different. If you do not have the most appropriate insulation and ability for your attic to ventilate, the heat will migrate. To provide an example, when the sun hits your roof, this heats up your attic. Then your attic will have hot air expand in the area and it will push the air down into your home. As a result, the temperature will increase in the house and will struggle to cool down at night. Looking at this moving forward, it will take more days for the home to cool down if it is continuous sunny out.

Unfortunately, homeowners will then turn up the air conditioning and/or fans. This will cause our systems to run at full capacity, and it can add up when we look at our electric bills and typical maintenance on the systems.

Meanwhile, any water in the attic will cause condensation to collect due to warmer air having extra moisture. This extra condensation and heat can potentially cause more damage to that roof and your roofing materials. They can also be a breeding ground for mildew and mold to build up in your house. If you add it all up, this could provide you with some expensive repair bills.

However, there is good news. If you have an attic that is well ventilated, you can assist in decreasing the possibility of any damage to this area. Although it is not as easy as putting in a few vents, you can contact your professional and locally owned roofing company, Ardent Roof Systems, to assist with this process.

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The end goal of ventilation is to have a good flow of cooler air from the outside go through your attic and then out the exhaust. This will carry all of the moister air in your attic with it. If it is not balanced, there can be hotter spots that form and it won’t help balance out all of the good things you’re doing for the new ventilation system. To explain it in a different way, think about when you open your windows to allow cool air in. When you open too many windows, it doesn’t allow you to feel the full benefit of the cooler air outside. If you shut every window but one, you still won’t feel it. However, if you open only two windows on the opposite ends of the home, this air has an entryway and an exit way. You will slowly feel your home getting cooler. This works exactly the same way for your attic’s ventilation system.


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