Want A Metal Roof? Have One Already? Here Are The Pros And Cons

By June 21, 2016 Roofing

Want A Metal Roof? Have One Already? Here Are The Pros And Cons

Whether it’s an overhaul or putting a new roof on your house, there are quite a number of options to pick from. Your choice should not only be informed by style and what color you like because in the long run every kind of roof type has its own problems that will arise and you should be ready to deal with them. In this piece, we shall focus on metal roofing. Metal roofs can be a good choice that combines safety with style and function. Below are the pros and cons of metal roofing that will help to inform your decision.


Not as heavy as you may think

As much as metal roofs are famed for being strong and durable, they are surprisingly lighter than other types of roofing like concrete and tile. The fact that they are not heavy means they are easy to work with and can even be installed over another roof without causing any damage to the house.


The life span of a metal roof is way longer than any other type. While using traditional asphalt will give you about 12-20 years of service, metal roofs can last 40 to 70 years; an unbeatable bargain. With a metal roof, the roofing can last as long as the house itself with no repairs.

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Resistant to fire

The panels used in metal roofing are incombustible which adds to their durability. Their fireproof nature also means that you don’t have to worry about the roof setting the house on fire when lightning strikes or wildfires occur.


They don’t come cheap

Metal roofing is not the cheapest to have for your home. A roof of this kind may cost up to double or triple the cost of other roofing options. The only way this would make for sensible expenditure is if you planned to stick around in your home long enough to enjoy the benefits of spending so much.


Just like cars dent, so do metal roofs. A heavy hailstorm is one of the reasons such indentation may occur. However, it is nothing that a few repairs can’t fix; then again, there are people who would prefer not to have to deal with it.

They are noisy

It’s going to be a problem every time it rains and it gets worse when it’s a hailstorm. It may be described as romantic in love stories and poems, but there is nothing romantic about ceaseless noise when your favorite show is on. This can of course be dealt with by doing a little insulation work while installing the roof but this just shoots up an already high price.

Temperature fluctuations

Metal is a good conductor of heat and, therefore, it changes as the weather changes contracting on cold days and expanding on hot ones. Installing fasteners, which allow the roof some breathing space, can solve this but if this is not done the panels can loosen.

At the end of the day you alone can make the choice on what kind of roofing you want. Whether you are driven by aesthetics or long-term benefits, whatever you choose should be what you really want.

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