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For superior roofing that safeguards your investment and loved ones, check out what Ardent Roof Systems has to offer!


At Ardent Roof Systems we uphold the highest standards not only in the products we use, but the protocols we enbrace in our workmanship.


We rank among the top 5 Roofing Companies in Canada to have earned the status of Corning Preferred.


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Our community involvemnet has made a huge different in the Child Life program at the Stollery Children's Hospital from our 

Annual Golf Tournaments. Local homes are fitted with a brand new roof with our Roof Giveaway each fall too!

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Very proud and honored

to win the

Top Performer Award

for our region and be listed alongside the

Top Platinum Contractors across North America.

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Our Services

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Roof & Attic Repairs

Metal Roofing


Eavestrough Assessments

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Best Warranty



We take pride in offering the highest standards possible when it comes to quality and safety!

At Ardent Roof Systems Inc, we carry all the insurance requirements to work with some of the largest companies in Edmonton, ie “full Liability Insurance and full WCB coverage”. This provides the assurance that you are in good hands not only with the liability protection you deserve, but the highest level of quality, and educated installers to get the job done. Click the menu above to find out more about our company.


Our Values

Ardent Roof Systems Inc believes it takes great people to make a successful company. It takes the teamwork and dedication from all our staff to achieve the goals needed to be the best in our industry. We strive every day to be the best trained, educated, and up to date on all aspects of the roofing industry. That gives us the ability to provide our clients the highest standard when it comes to information, workmanship, and safety standards.


Rumor Has It

We are pretty cool

Leo F.

"Ardent is by far the best roofing company I have ever come across.
I have had to install or replace both residential and commercial roofs over the past 35 years and I have always looked for the best quality and reasonable prices. I feel that their service, information, scheduling, materials and installation were all superlative.
 have recommended them and would definitely use their services again."

Michael M. 

"We hired Ardent Roof Systems to re-shingle a section of our roof. We were very impressed by how they went above and beyond with their service. To start with, our roof had double sided sticky underlay which meant that it took twice as long to take off, but they didn’t charge more for the extra time it took. They also realized that the plumbing for our sewer vent was not installed properly so they made a trip to the hardware store and replaced it for us free of charge. They are truly a company with integrity and I would have no problems referring them to a friend."

Ask us how to finance your next project. 

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