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We take pride in offering the highest standards possible when it comes to quality and safety!

At Ardent Roof Systems Inc, we carry all the insurance requirements to work with some of the largest companies in Edmonton, ie “full Liability Insurance and full WCB coverage”. This provides the assurance that you are in good hands not only with the liability protection you deserve, but the highest level of quality, and educated installers to get the job done. Click the menu above to find out more about our company.

Ardent Roof Systems Inc believes it takes great people to make a successful company. It takes the teamwork and dedication from all our staff to achieve the goals needed to be the best in our industry. We strive every day to be the best trained, educated, and up to date on all aspects of the roofing industry. That gives us the ability to provide our clients the highest standard when it comes to information, workmanship, and safety standards.

Long Lasting & Durable

Ardent Roof Systems is a roofing company in Edmonton that you can trust. We understand in our climate one must choose the right materials to ensure a long-lasting durable roof. We are also aware that you don’t want to compromise value for design. Ardent Roof Systems ensures the ideal solution for your residential roofing needs, with a wide selection of asphalt, cedar and metal roof options including roof repairs. We can also provide the best pro-rated material and workmanship warranties in the industry, which are backed by the shingle manufacturers themselves. Now that is workmanship you can trust! Call today, book your appointment, and get one of the highest value roofing packages that are available in the Edmonton Market Place.

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