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Experienced Estimators

From start to finish, working with one of our experienced estimators will give you the confidence you are getting exactly what you need to protect your home. Not only will they assess your roof condition, they will also ensure your attic is up to today’s standards. Ensuring the proper ventilation is done. Ensuring your insulation is adequate. Ensuring all your mechanical connections are done correctly and aren’t causing any underlying issues that will not be fixed with a simple roof replacement.

Fully Staffed Service Department

At Ardent Roof Systems Inc, it is not just about the roof installations. We have a full-service team ready to do everything from small repairs to assessments, to troubleshooting a problematic roof. We have the experienced staff on hand to get your problem solved. We offer year-round service to get those small problems taken care of before they turn into costly repairs.

Trained Installers

At Ardent Roof Systems Inc, we take pride in making sure all our crews are properly trained and certified to do the job properly and safely. One of our achievements is being Select Shingle Masters with CertainTeed Roofing Products. All our installers have been trained and certified to install a roof system to CertainTeed’s high standards so they can back our workmanship with a 25-year warranty. Now that is something very few companies can offer. ​

Working Together When It Comes to Safety

At Ardent Roof Systems Inc, we work together when it comes to safety, to ensure all those working for us are on the same page. As a COR certified company, a large part of that responsibility is being present on the worksites, performing on the spot safety check inspections of our installation crews, to inspect and correct safety deficiencies as necessary, while the work is being performed.

This is to ensure proper follow-through and participation in our safety program. We are there at every level for our employees, to answer general inquiries, and resolve issues that our crews may have in order to assist them in completing their tasks in the safest way possible. ​

Enforcement of the safety policy is necessary, but with the employees and contractors that work at Ardent Roof Systems Inc, their teamwork, and participation in the safety program makes enforcement easy right from the start. Trust the professionals at Ardent Roof Systems Inc to complete your project with the highest level of safety and quality possible.

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