Roof Repairs Edmonton

Not only do we provide a fantastic roof replacement service, but we also specialize in roof repairs. There are several reasons why your roof will eventually need to be repaired, but there are certain environmental and underlying factors that can accelerate the erosion process. For instance, the number one cause for a leaking roof is lack of maintenance. An initial kink or problem that is ignored can rapidly spread and may eventually lead to a premature replacement. Moreover, Ardent Roof Systems Inc is aware of the damage that Mother Nature can inflict on what is likely your biggest investment, your home. Continuous weathering via rain, hail, ice and wind will take a toll on your property, regardless of the quality of the material. Our highly trained and experienced service team, and our HAAG certified inspectors will determine the extent of any possible weather causing damages that may occur, and give you a fast, economical solution to extend the life of your roof.


We also specialize in other important factors of your roof system. Insulation, ventilation, and mechanical connections all play a key roll in the overall function and life span of your roof. We can trouble shoot all these problems and make the necessary repairs to make your roof last longer, giving you more long-term protection for your home. If you think you have a problem, then trust the experts at Ardent Roof Systems to keep your investment protected!

A Local Roofing Company You Can Trust

We strive to provide the best roofing repair service for all of our valued customers. Our professionals are dedicated, innovative, experienced, and educated and have a real passion for their trade. They take great pride in the happiness and comfort that their skilled services provide for our Edmonton clients. At Ardent Roof Systems we provide a competitive quality service at very affordable rates. We also provide emergency repair services as well as scheduled repairs that work at your convenience.

In addition, Ardent believes that haste equals waste. We will always consult you on the materials, costs, and estimated repair time before any repairs are initiated.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible service quickly-without breaking the bank. This “trifecta” based company philosophy is what drives Ardent Roof Systems Inc to become the industry leader that we are today. Please contact us today for your residential roof repair and installation needs and we guarantee we will not leave you disappointed.