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Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing Edmonton

We offer a metal roofing solution you can trust. We are the leading provider of all types of roofing services in Edmonton and surrounding areas like Sherwood Park and St.Albert. Many home-owners are not aware that there is an additional alternative to the standard options provided by most home builders. Most homes are built with traditional shingle roofing rather than a metal roof. Edmonton is known for this which is due strictly to the fact that the initial cost is cheaper. Then, once the home is sold, the new home owner is now responsible for the upkeep. This can include constant maintenance costs all the way up to replacing the entire roof altogether.

At Ardent we are Edmonton metal roofing contractors that can offer an alternative to asphalt. Not all roofing companies provide this solution to their customers due to the fact that the initial cost of this service is higher. But, what some of these companies and their customers don’t realize is that the lifetime cost of a metal roof is cheaper.

A cost-effective solution to asphalt. 

Here are a couple of reasons you should consider your options:

  • Energy Efficient – Metal or steel roofing can provide savings on your energy bill compared to asphalt. This is because asphalt absorbs rather than reflects. Especially for the hot summer months, asphalt absorbs sunlight which in turn heats up your house. Some houses have air conditioning that would continuously be on to help cool the house down but for the houses that don’t, electric fans have to run constantly.

  • Lifespan – We touched briefly before on the initial cost of a metal roof is higher than a standard asphalt one. This is due to the fact that the materials to build a steel roof, exceed that of an asphalt one. With that being said, these alternative options last longer than asphalt. Generally, asphalt ones have to be replaced in a 20-year span. This could be earlier depending on the weather conditions. As metal roofing is stronger, it is much more resistant to wear and tear.

  • Little to No Maintenance – Asphalt must be maintained and checked up on a regular basis. Its usually recommended to check and maintain your roof once or twice a year. Depending on wear and tear, this could require homeowners to replace certain parts of them like the flashings. Metal ones require little to no maintenance which saves you maintenance costs. If you do the maintenance yourself, it also saves you the time and is a lot safer.

These are some of the main reasons why a metal roof can be a better option for someone thinking longer term. They can also provide a modern stylish look to the home. The biggest reason we can outline is the constant wear and tear. In Edmonton, the continuous weathering of your roof via rain, hail, wind and snow pressure will wear down even the strongest asphalt. With the strength a metal roof provides, it helps you save on maintenance without question.

At Ardent, we provide the best materials and service in the Edmonton area which is why we are metal roofing contractors Edmonton trusts! We pride ourselves in being dedicated, experienced and educated to provide you the best experience possible. Our staff are hired with extensive experience and are vigorously trained through a strict program to offer the best service. Although we mentioned the higher initial cost of alternative roofing materials, we provide the best prices in the city to ensure that even though you are spending the extra money for a metal roof, you still are getting the best deal.

We are confident in our service and expertise, roofing and gaining customer trust & loyalty is paramount to us, this is why we offer a free consultation for our customers. We send one of our experienced staff members out to verify first if you need a new roof, or just a roof repair. From there we can discuss your needs and what we recommend. We are known for our customer service and don’t sell you the most expensive product unless it fits your criteria.

Exceptional customer service and pricing is why we are a top steel roofing company in Edmonton. 


Please contact us today so we can help get you started on your new metal roof today!

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