Why is ventilation important?

At Ardent Roof Systems Inc, we know that proper ventilation is key in a properly functioning roof system. In Edmonton, many problems like ice damming, condensation and mold can arise if your attic space is not properly ventilated. Our service department provides trained and certified Technicians that have many years of experience troubleshooting problematic attics. It is not just installing a few more vents and the problem is fixed! You need to understand how the air needs to move in the attic to ensure the problems that are occurring are prevented from happening again. It could be something simple, or it could require a complete attic renovation, including vent upgrades, insulation top-up, and access hatch rebuilds. You can trust the experienced professionals at Ardent Roof Systems to make your home healthy, and energy-efficient, keeping your investment protected for years to come.

Ventilation Products


We supply and install all products from Duraflo and Ventilation Maximum to ensure all your ventilation needs are met. We also carry solar power vents from Canada Go Green, to elevate your ventilation needs, using clean solar energy. Call today for more information.

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