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Roof Giveway

Time to

Thank you to everyone who sent in their nominations for our

Ardent Roof Systems Roof Giveaway!

Fixing the Roof

We are celebrating 10 years of rewarding a

lucky winner with a brand new shingle roof!

Below are our top 5 entries as decided by

our group of judges. 

Now it's your turn!

Vote for your favorite story below!


Voting for the winner will close at 9pm Thursday, August 31st, 2023

The winner will be announced on Friday, September 1st, 2023 





Nomination #1

I am nominating my Auntie Darcy first and foremost because her roof is DESPERATELY needing to be replaced! The shingles are curls, sagging in spots, wood root, and has become a condominium for wasps. This woman has the heart of a lion and her generosity is second to none. She'd think nothing of giving you the shirt off her back and expect nothing in return. She is INCREDIBLE human being and works extremely hard and is grateful for everything she has. She has been working with people with disabilities for the last 22 years and loves what she does. She hasn't always been dealt the best cards either. As a young mom, years ago, she lost one her sons as a toddler due to a sudden respiratory ailment. Years later, she lost her father, then her marriage of over 30 years. Just last years, she devastatingly lost her other son when he took his own life. Soon after that, she suffered from 2 mini strokes and was hospitalized. She went from having the power of an ox and the independence to do anything
she wanted, to not having the capabilities she once had and having people assist her to do the simplest of tasks. she embodies strength and continues to persevere. she has a remarkably positive attitude, despite what she has gone through and still has an amazing sense of humor! this woman LOVES and appreciates getting something small, from a coffee or a pair of socks (a good pair of course) for FREE. She would absolutely lose it if she won a roof that she so badly needs and deserves! I would love nothing more than to relieve some stress and give back to her as she has done for so many of the years.

Please vote for Darcy!

Nomination #2

I am nominating myself as I hate to ask anyone to do it on my behalf and I need new shingles. My current shingles are 29 years old & have little to no granuales left. They are curling & offerring very little protection. I simply do not have funds to pay for new shingles. I had workd from the time I was 16 years old. I divorced when my children were under 10 and supported them on a sinlge income while they grew and even assisted where possible while they lived on student loans. I had thought once they were independent I could save for retirement & home repairs however my eldest was diagnosed with Hodgkin's out of nowhere at 25. The first round of chemo did not work so we were sent out to BC for a bone marrow transplant. With that we had to commit to living in Vancouver for 9 months so I used every penny of credit available for his medications, rent & survival, My little starter home had a bigger mortgage on it when we moved home than the original mortgage. I continued to work however injured my dominate hand which put me on disability income which was half of my normal pay. I managed to barely meet necessities but I was able to keep my home. I just turned 65 and senior benefits are even less than disability & I have no idea as to how I will continue to keep my home with interest rates, power rates & food on the rise. I would like to be able to continue to living in my home and winning a new roof would help me with doing that. It would take off the stress & allow me to enjoy my home as I age. It would also allow me to have roof coverage once again under my insurance policy. Thank you for the contest and good luck to everyone.

Nomination #3

I’m nominating my friend for the roof repair because he has been a hard worker for the same company for the past 30 years and he is going through throat cancer, he has always been a very helpful person and friend for everyone he knows and he has mentioned that he’s going to try doing it himself. He has no strength from the radiation treatments and I’m concerned about him getting up on a roof. I hope I can help a friend out with this.

Nomination #4

Dear Ardent Roofs Systems Inc. and Cruz FM, Thank you for this opportunity to nominate ourselves for a new roof. I feel like the “fast forward button” has been hit in our lives and we are being pushed to our limits. Two adults, three kids and an ever busy household… life has thrown us some curveballs and as the old saying goes “when it rains, it pours.” Recently, the giant rain storm that we had in Edmonton caused our sump pump to malfunction, our eaves trough was blown off and water began to flood our basement. This was a very unexpected set back. We take pride in our home and our property and this shocked us to our core. Our 11 year old daughter recently moved into the basement bedroom in order to make room in our home for an unexpected foster family addition. Her room is currently under construction due to this unfortunate flooding event; the entire basement needs to be ripped up and replaced. Our family *was* saving money for a new roof, we have cedar shakes and they are old, lifting and ready to be replaced. We priced it out and a new asphalt roof is $10,000. We were hopeful to get a new one in September, however this recent set back is going to cost us out of pocket until insurance kicks in. I mentioned that our 11 year old daughter moved into the basement bedroom. She made this transition to the basement with an open heart this past year as we recently took in an infant who required a safe home. Our daughter lovingly gave up her own upstairs bedroom, to make room for the unexpected addition. Now that her bedroom is flooded, she is upstairs in our (her parents ) room until construction is complete. We feel stretched thin but instead of stressing (we’re still stressing!!!) we are choosing to put all of our time and energy into ensuring our kids are happy, healthy, safe and supported. I’m going back to University and working full time and just paid my full semester tuition and was looking forward to a stress free year on the home front, as I know school is going to be tough whilst raising kids. My husband works and works and if he isn’t working he is volunteering his time with community programs. This new roof would be the biggest gift to our family. Having this roof completed would take one item off of our ever growing plate and we would be forever grateful to Ardent Roofing for their support and services. story. 

Nomination #5

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce and nominate myself for a new roof. My situation at home has changed dramatically in the past year and a half. I found myself in a position to take guardianship of my grandchildren due to their parents inability to support an appropriate environment. They would have been placed in foster care otherwise. This personal change, as a single grandparent, in turn changed my work situation and my availability. One of my grandchildren was born premature and is prone to fever and bad colds. This makes her unfit for childcare. I have been unable to fulfill my full-time employment and as such only work part time currently. I find I am always looking ahead to see if I can afford new running shoes and bigger clothes for my growing 10 and 4 year old. A new roof is too over whelming right now even though we need to replace it. This chance to win a new roof would relieve one big stresser in our lives and enable more funds towards the children. I had my roof inspected last year for durability, it was determined that it only had a couple years of life left on house and garage. I am constantly having roofers drop off business Thank you for the opportunity!

Voting starts August 28, 2023 12:01am
through August 31, 2023 9pm.

Votes made outside these dates and times will be disqualified.

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