Roof Giveway

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Thank you to everyone who sent in their nominations for our

Ardent Roof Systems Roof Giveaway!


For the 8th year we are honored to award someone in our

community a brand new shingle roof! Below are our top 5 entries as decided by our group of judges. 

Now it's your turn!

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Voting for the winner will close on Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

The winner will be announced on Friday, September 3rd, 2021 





Nomination #1

Hi my name is Cathy, I'm 50 years old and a widow of justover 12 weeks now my husband passed away on May 11 he was only 50 he had only 9 week battle with cancer one day we were renovating the house and the next day he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  We were high school sweethearts, we had plans and dreams and now I have nothing. The plan was to finish the inside of the house and then the outside in the late summer early fall. I've worked full time in a local daycare. Yes, I'm e c e but now this was his dream. I don't know when I can pay for a new roof, all the friends I thought I had have basically disappeared. I really feel life at this point is really not fair. We were both born and raised in Edmonton and I'm proud to say my Dad is one who started minor hockey week in Edmonton, and built the South Side Arena. But my life is so different now, I really don't understand how to do stuff on my own. I went from my Dads house one day to the next day with my husband. I really could use an new roof. My husband Derek I feel is watching down on me saying please do this for my wife. 

Nomination #2

Our roof is in desperate need of changing and should've been done a couple years ago, my son was diagnosed severely Autistic nonverbal a few years ago, he just turned 7. We've found stem cell treatments that actually helps him, the down side is they are in Poland and are extremely expensive with one more treatment this September the costs have left us un able to afford the costs of a roof. I've been diagnosed with cancer just late last fall and all I want is for my family is to be healthy and safe and not have to worry about the costs of replacing a roof. 

Nomination #3

I would like to nominate myself. I can't believe that I would ask for myself. But my friends told me that I should. 

So, here it goes.

Why am I deserving? Well, I am not more deserving than anyone else. I will tell you who I am, and if you choose me, I would be grateful.
My name is Melanie Harris. I am a single, fulltime(lone parent) to a 9 year old boy  Cooper. I am a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces where I served 20 years with 4 operational tours. I have PTSD from my time in service, and it has been challenging inmany ways. I now advocate for other Veterans to seek assistance and to heal through various ways. As I am both physically and mentally disabled, I am unable to work, however I do what I can within my limits. I volunteer my time to help other Veterans heal, as everyone's journey is different and I know that it was hard for me to navigate this new life or being medically retired, and young, and not visibly sick to others. 
After losing various close friends during my deployment to Afghanistan and working as a "stretcher bearer" at the Role 3 hospital in Kandahar, my PTSD, grief and my life was turned upside down.
As one of my symptoms of PTSD, I wouldn't leave my house. It was my safe space. I shut myself in and cut off contact with the world. Depressing and anxiety were making me believe that outside was out of my control and I didn't belong there. And no one could see me in my frantic or depressed state. It was not fun or pretty, but it was my reality. 
Through lots of help, and having my son(not planned, but saved my life) lots of therapy, and lots of baby steps, my journey to wellness continues. 
Throughout my healing process, I did not maintain my health or home as a priority. Things that I could have done to better maintain my Home were not done. Because I was existing not living. I am now in a better place health wise to finally even think about taking care of my house. Make it more of  home. And I finally feel like I deserve something good to happen to me. 
Unfortunately, I literally leave this to chance as the cost of a new roof is something that is pretty expensive and just not in my budget . A new furnace is required before winter and I have to budget for that.
I hope that I, Melanie Harris, can get a new roof for my House.
Thanks for the chance.

Nomination #4

I have a roof that is in really rough condition. I’m sure that my roof won’t last another season. It has many missing shingles (that have blown away in the wind/ rain) and the remaining shingles that are there are curled up and dry. I’m an older senior who lives on a pension/ fixed income that barely covers my basic needs. I’m also disabled with having osteoarthritis in both of my knees, making it very difficult and almost impossible to walk. The last time I had my roof replaced was 25 years ago when my husband passed away. I can barely make it through the day when it is raining, my heart has palpitations and I have anxiety because my mind races continuously thinking about how my roof is probably already leaking into my attic and I’m not sure how I’ll ever be able to fix it or make it better, if I don’t have any money or help. I’m so grateful that your company has this contest, and I really hope I’m considered. Thank you so much for reading my story. 

Nomination #5

I am nominating Kris for a new roof because after recently discovering the extent of deterioration when a tree was removed, it is in dire nee of repair. Kris has spent the last 2 years with broken bones, surgeries and recoveries, and infections that needed IV antibiotics to treat. During this time he had to leave his job and go on long term disability and will most likely not be able to return to work until the spring/summer of 2022. It is for this reason I am nominating Kris for a chance to win the new roof he absolutely needs and cannot afford at this time. Thank you for your consideration.