Safety Standards

Our Commitment To Quality & Safety

From the beginning, Ardent Roof Systems Inc has held safety in high regard. As a company, we feel that all work should be completed with the highest standard of quality and safety.

The COR Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition is awarded to employers who have developed and followed through with a Health and Safety program that meets the established standards.

Meaning the company must establish policies and procedures based on current Occupational Health and Safety legislation for daily work.

All this is done with the objective to prevent and reduce injuries in the workplace and ensure all our employees and contractors have the most up to date education and requirements possible.

Proudly COR Certified

Ardent Roof Systems Inc is a proudly COR certified company. Having a COR Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition means ongoing and continuous participation in our safety efforts.

Ensuring our employees are properly trained for their equipment, hazards on the construction site and keeping them informed on current and changing Occupational Health and Safety legislation. It is all part of our objective to educate and prevent incidents on our sites.

Being a COR certified company is a minimum requirement that allows us to work for the major home and construction builders In Edmonton. They are fully committed to safety in the workplace and injury prevention systems. If they hold us to a higher standard of performance and safety, why shouldn’t you?