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Rooftop Snow Removal

Shoveling Where Your Shovel Can’t Reach

Would you hire a plumber to install your new garage door? Then why would you hire the contractor that shovels your sidewalks to clean off your roof? Trust the professionals at Ardent Roof Systems Inc, to get the job done safely and properly. Removing the snow and ice from your roof improperly can cause more damage to your shingles than the snow and ice could ever do. Our staff is trained on how to do it properly and effectively the first time. Our staff is also fully trained in fall protection with all the safety equipment, to give you the assurance that it will be done to the highest safety standards possible.

We will ensure that after the roof is cleaned, we can do an assessment it to make sure there are no underlying issues that could potentially turn into costly repairs down the road. If the snow cleaned from your roof blocks any walkways or driveways, it will be cleaned like we were never there. Only the confidence that your roof is ready to stand up to whatever Old Man Winter can throw at it, will remain. Call the professionals at Ardent Roof Systems Inc. for your free quote, and get the quality and service you deserve.

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